Dear McKoy: Living with Two Girlfriends, but the One that’s Pregnant Frustrates Me

Dear McKoy,

I am in a relationship with two women and one of them is pregnant. We all live together and for the most part, things run smoothly. It’s just that the pregnant one has a lot of mood swings and is extra needy so that causes a lot of tension. She gets especially upset when my other girlfriend and I have sex. She wants us to wait until she’s able to have sex again for us to do it. This is such a frustrating dynamic. I love them but I never thought dealing with a pregnant woman would be this hard. I want us to last as long as possible. My other girlfriend is equally frustrated. It’s the most annoying thing. She’s (the pregnant one) is like a police that monitors how we should be living our lives. Please give me some advice.


Dear M.N.,

Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster so it is up to you to ensure you support your girlfriend as much as you can. It’s okay to wait out a couple of months. It won’t last forever. Make sure you all communicate calmly so things can run smoothly. You’d be surprised how much a conversation can change.


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