Dear McKoy: Likes Comes with A Price

I am an educated and very beautiful young lady.  I left from a rural area to attend University in Kingston.  My parents are not wealthy so it was a struggle for them supporting me but they did what they could.  I only had 3 jeans pants and 5 tops that I had to rotate.  I used to comb my natural hair myself because my parents could not afford the perm.  My mother blessed me with a very pretty face and a killer body; people would always compliment my smooth complexion and shape.

When I started University, I had no friends because my goal was to complete school and go back home.  I was placed in a group for a coursework where I became close to a girl.  She was very gorgeous and she did not judge me by my rags.  She invited me to her home that she rented and even gave me some of her new clothes.  She told me that her boo ensured that she was taken good care of; poor me, never had a boyfriend moreover a boo. She had a nice car and loved in an apartment complex.

Anyways, we got very close and I would go spend weekends at her home.  One Saturday, she told me that we would be going to an event.  She made me over that day.  It was my first time wearing make-up and those fancy outfits.  I could not believe it was me, the way I looked flawless; my only problem was walking in the 6 inches Stilettos she gave me.  The dress I wore fitted me like a glove; my curvaceous body was fully on display.   I remember my friend saying that if she was into girls, I would definitely be hers.  She gave me a shot of brown liquor for me to lighten up and my nerves seemed to calm a little.

When we arrived at the event, I felt so nervous because it was lots of beautiful ladies and wealthy-looking men.  The eyes I was receiving made me know I was looking great; the men seemed to be lusting and some of the women looked jealous.  I accompanied my friend over to 2 men and she started kissing one of them.  She introduced him as her boo; just by looking at him, you could see wealth all over him.  They looked way older than us but they carried themselves well.  The other man was very handsome; he was tall, muscular and specks of grey could be seen in his beard.  They introduced us and we started conversing.  He seemed really cool as we sat and got knowing each other for like 3 hours.  We exchanged numbers and planned on meeting up again.

We would text and talk on the phone daily but it could be seen that he was a busy man.  My friend told me that he was a very wealthy businessman and he owned quite a few different businesses.  When we met up the next time, he drove me to an upscale lounge in Ochi Rios.  We had fun and laughter and we decided to start dating.  I told him that I have never had a boyfriend and that had him overjoyed.  He said I needed to get driving lessons immediately because I will need to start driving.

Fast forward, I got my license and he got me an expensive car for my birthday.  I was wondering how I was going to let my parents know but my friend said I could leave it by her whenever I am going home.  That weekend we went to a Resort and my mouth could not remain closed to how the place was beautiful; I just started crying.  He just rubbed my back and told me he takes care of his property.   That night I gave him my virginity and we sealed our relationship.  I woke up to a beautiful necklace set and an envelope with $200,000.  I asked him what it was for and he said it was just a token for being his woman.  When I got back to Kingston, I gave my friend $50,000 out of it and sent another $50,000 to my parents; I told them that I got a job and wanted then to save my pay for me.

Two weeks after, he told me that I will have to move in with him and I totally agreed.  My parents thought I was living on campus but I moved in with my boo.  His home was amazingly beautiful and well kept. He had a maid and a gardener so all I had to do was go to school and keep him happy.  My mother taught me how to cook, so I would make tasty meals for him and that made him appreciate me more.  I was starting to get lots of money and expensive gifts so every month I would give my parents $50,000 to save as my pay.  I opened an investment account privately, where I saved some money also.  I would always buy him gifts from what he gave me.

One evening, I went by my girlfriend’s house to chill and we drank and chit-chatted and fell asleep.  When I woke up, I saw that it was after midnight and there were many missed calls from my boo.  I immediately called him back and told him the situation and that I would be coming home soon.  He was very concerned and stayed with me on the phone until I pulled up to the gate.  When I opened the door, I was greeted with a slap to my face; in all my years I have never felt something so hot.  I started crying and he took his belt off and started hitting me.  I was basically bawling now and he opened my legs and sniffed my vagina then inserted his fingers.  He then demanded that I go shower and go to bed.  The hot water stung the welts while I cried.  The next morning he apologized and said he thought I went to cheat on him.  I could not attend classes for 3 days because my face was swollen; I just told my friend that I wasn’t feeling well.  Things went back to normal until he saw me looking in his phone.  I was just looking for a picture he took of us but he punched me in my head for disturbing his privacy.  I apologized to him this time and decided I would not even touch his gadgets again.  We were going on good again and the money flow kept coming in.

I gave a male colleague of mine a ride to Half Way Tree one day while it was raining.  When I got home, he was there and he told me to give him the car key.  When I was giving it to him, he grabbed my hand and twisted it while cursing that how dear me carrying a male in his car.  I cried out for help and the maid came and peeped and went back to her business.  He pushed me outside in the rain and locked the door.  My phone was in my bag inside so I just sat getting soaked in the rain. After about 20 minutes, he opened the door and instructed me to get inside.  I went to shower and lay down when he came in the bed and roughly sexed me.  I got sick and had to stay home.  The maid whispered to me that I need to find a way and leave him because he is very abusive to women.  I called my girlfriend and poured out to her and she just said I should do the right things to please him.  I was so disappointed in her.  It seems as though she told her guy because he came home and slapped me in my mouth saying that will help me to keep our business private.  He started dictating my life, who I can talk to, and where I can go; he even started determining what I eat.

I was so sick and fed up of him.  I even found out that he installed a tracker on the car.  During the pandemic, I did classes online and I couldn’t even take fresh air without asking his permission.  All this time my parents thought I was working in Kingston so I had to stay there.  I cannot tell them the truth about my miserable and abusive life.   The beatings are hot but the bank book is very fat.  It seems like I am his beating stick so one time I tried fighting back; the man fought me like a man and threw me in the door.  He is so powerful that I am afraid to call the police.  I told him that I want to leave and he said I would have to give him back all the money and things he gave me first. I finished my course but he does not want me to work, so here I am today stuck with a mad rich man.

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Dear Miss: I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal but as the saying goes ‘you make your bed, so you have to lay in it’.  Many females get blinded by the money and ‘likes’ but there is always consequences; nothing comes free I guess.

Unless you have chosen your casket, I suggest that you get help and GET OUT immediately.  Open up to your parents and tell them the truth; let them know where you are.   Abusive men like these will not stop until you have no use to yourself.  There are many help hot lines; please call one now. All the best

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  1. Young lady this isn’t healthy you need to leave God forbid but the next time he hits you probably it’ll be your last breath you taking not because he has money dear. It better you leave with your life

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