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Dear McKoy: Lesbian Lifestyle turning my life upside down


Dear McKoy: Lesbian Lifestyle turning my life upside down: I am a lesbian who grew up in a Christian household. All my siblings are baptized into the church and are well respected. I on the other hand choose a different path in life. My parents and siblings have stopped talking to me.

Not being able to share my life and stories with my family is really affecting me but leaving behind my lesbian lifestyle is not an option. I don’t believe I should compromise in order for my family to talk to me.

Do you think my views are wrong?  Why should I have to stop living my life to please them?


Dear Lesbian and Proud,

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. You are a proud lesbian and you don’t see the need to compromise your lifestyle and neither does your family. As Christians their beliefs are that homosexuality is wrong. While you are entitled to live your life the way you please, you can’t force them to change their opinion. My advise is to try have a mutual person talk with your family to see if they will open communication with you again. Good Luck

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