Dear Mckoy,  My 16 years old niece who is the only daughter for my brother and his wife, was asked to leave home when she revealed to them that she is lesbian and did not like boys.
She’s my only niece and I don’t think its right for them to put her out because she’s lesbian.
I told my brother it is better he knows now more than someone on the road tells him.

She’s now staying with me but because of the convenient, I need her to go home. She’s not a bad girl or trouble maker, it’s only her sexual interest that isn’t the same.
Should I take her to the police let them deal with the matter, what should I do?

Glow. St Ann.

Dear Glow.
I do not agree with any parents putting out their child or children because of their sexual preferences. A lot of parents are neglectful as to the true reasons for their children to become whom they chose to be or the real reasons for them to do things untasteful to them.

I, therefore, suggest you try talking to the parents of her again if they still refuse to deal with the situation differently, you then take the matter to the police and have them deal with it. 


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