Dear McKoy: Lesbian and Pregnant

Dear McKoy: Lesbian and Pregnant (McKoy’s News) – I am a 21-year-old lesbian and I had a slip-up 2 months ago, I had a wild night and I slept with a man. I went to the doctor today because my period was late and they did a vaginal exam and I was told that I am expecting.

The main issue is that I am in a committed relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years. The second issue is that I will not be taken seriously by the LGBT community if they find out that I slept with a man. That is something that I could never come back from.

Dear Mckoy: My Mother Want me Sleeping with her Lesbian Friend

Ii would like for you to help me. How do I go about this? Do I tell my girlfriend? Do I hide it and have an abortion?

  • Lesbian Bystander

Dear Lesbian Bystander,

Your story is truly one for the books. You had one slip-up and it could now affect your entire life.
We believe that while you exercise the right to do whatever you please with your body, you should make your girlfriend aware of the situation you are facing. It’d also be good if you could make the child’s father aware of your pregnancy.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your slip up, it’s possible that your girlfriend might prove to be understanding and supportive. Speak with her and see how it goes. As for the LGBT community, I know that they believe that they shouldn’t be judged for their choices so neither should you.

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