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Dear Mckoy: In Love With A Married Man


Dear Mckoy: In Love With A Married Man– I have been dating a man for sometime now,  he told me he is married but still wanted a relationship with me. I liked him so we persuade the relationship he requested. Eventually I fell in love with him and have been head over heels since then.

But I realized a few days ago that he have been acting strange. And whenever I tell him I love him he just smile but never respond. I know he’s married and there’s no future with him,  but I’m in love with him regardless. I’m now worried that he’s having second thoughts about our relationship.

Worried  Kingston.

Dear Worried: It is quiet obvious this man is just having some fun time with you until he’s tired of playing, then he will push you aside and move to another woman or just settle and be loyal to his marriage. I would Suggest that you stop being so comfortable with this man and find a man of your own.

Good Luck.

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