Dear Mckoy: Impregnated by the Pastor

Dear Mckoy: My Husband Penis is Dead
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Dear Mckoy: Impregnated by the Pastor–  Please withhold my name.  I am a 25 years old Christian lady at a prominent church in Kingston.  For the past year, I have been having a sexual relationship with a popular male pastor of another very prominent church in Kingston.  Mckoy, I just found out I am pregnant and guess what; the so-called ‘man of God’ told me he is not fathering the child do I should go get an abortion.  I feel so alone and sad because I have to  keep telling my family that my baby’s father is in England.  The devil is riding me to go to his church one bright Sunday morning to sit up front when he is preaching.  I don’t know what to do.


Dear CH
It is really unfortunate for the situation you have found yourself in.

First, both of you committed sin for having sexual relations outside of marriage and second if you do an abortion, that will be going against the will of God again.

My advice to you is, go to God, confess your sin to him and ask for his forgiveness.  In the meanwhile, find someone who you trust to be there for you during your pregnancy; focus on the positives in life and have a safe delivery.  If it’s the will of God, that man will come to be apart of your child’s life.  Children are blessings from God so he will make the way.

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