Dear McKoy: I’m having an affair with my sister’s husband

Dear McKoy,

My sister and her boyfriend have been having a rough time. The problem is they keep arguing over everything but the truth is I am the reason. I am having an affair with him and he wants to leave her but he’s “tolerating” her because of their son. I know it sounds cold but I love him. I’ve always loved him and he says he loves me too. I feel so hypocritical when she’s crying and complaining to me but I can’t break her little heart any more than it already is. She wants to see a therapist with him but I know he won’t agree. He has mentally checked out of the relationship. Do you think I am a bad person? What if he’s my soulmate?


Dear G.J.,

You are such a cold person. What you’re doing to your sister is very cruel and you will be rewarded for it. Remember life is a cycle and you get what you give.


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