Dear McKoy: I’m Engaged But In Love with Another Man

Dear McKoy: I am engaged to a man who’s two years older than me. Our parents initiated our courtship, and he’s okay. He’s respectful and has the ‘right’ traits. However, I’m in love with a man that’s almost 40 years older. He’s mature, understanding, way more attractive and has a lot of money. We’ve been having an affair and he’s been convincing me to leave my fiancé. I really want to because I don’t love my fiancé but my family would be torn. I won’t be happy in the marriage because there’s no love. He on the other hand is obsessed with me to the point where it’s overbearing sometimes. The wedding is set for December but honestly, I want to run away.

Dear G.G.: In life, it is always best to do what’s best for YOU. As long as you’re not harming anybody, always do what’s best for you. It doesn’t make sense to marry someone you don’t love. It’s going to be a waste of everybody’s time. If your parents love you, they will understand. Just be mindful that this man actually loves you too. Don’t entertain anything where feelings aren’t mutual. I would love an update on this matter.

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