Dear McKoy: I’m a side chick for a high-rank cop

Dear McKoy,

I am a proud side chick for a top-ranking cop and if I get pregnant for him, I wouldn’t feel anyway. I look forward to seeing him during the COVID updates on TV,  knowing he was inside me only few hours prior and his wife is at home taking care of the kids. The thrill I get is out of this world. He knows I love him and would do anything for him and his actions make me know he cares for me deeply. My rent is paid, and groceries bought courtesy of him. My friends are so envious of how he treats me but that’s their problem. Big up yourself if you see this! I’m never going anywhere!


Dear G.J.,

All I’m going to say is, make sure this is all worth it in the end. Okay stupid games, win stupid prizes.


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