Dear McKoy: I’m a Christian and prostitute

Dear McKoy: I’m a Christian and prostitute- I’m in my 20s, and got baptized couple years ago but I have a confession… I sell sex for a living. I lost my job since the pandemic and couldn’t find another one but had bills to pay so desperation pushed me to accept advances from men to make money for survival. I have a few regular clients who pay big money for a certain time and honestly, I’m living comfortably. I just feel very dirty and guilty sometimes because I’m supposed to be a child of God. I don’t want to continue like this but I have to support myself. I need some serious advice.
Dear J.C.,
The good thing is, God is very forgiving no matter how much we’ve sinned. You need to repent and pray God helps you to find a legitimate job. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember you’re not defined by your mistakes. Stay safe and all the best. 
Le Antonio's Foundation Feeding Programme
Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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