Dear Mckoy: I was Dating a Secret Bisexual Guy

Dear Mckoy: I met this handsome guy in Half Way Tree.  We communicated for a good 6 months before we started a sexual relationship.  He lived in a upscale apartment and I always wondered how his job (withheld for identity purposes) could afford him that lifestyle.  He would say he had a lot of customers.

One night we went out and I went by his apartment to sleep over.  After we had sex and was sleeping, he woke me up saying I had to leave; when I checked the time, it was some minutes to 3 in the morning.  When I looked, there was a white man standing in the room with his hands folded.  It was while driving home that I figured out that the man must have been who was affording him those luxury.  I deleted his number from my phone and stayed far from him.


Dear Miss: Happy to know you got out of the apartment unhurt.  I hope you got yourself tested the next day.  There is a saying that if your mind tells you something is not right about someone, then you should follow it most times.  There is someone out there for you. 

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