Dear McKoy: I want my girlfriend to get plastic surgery

Dear McKoy: I want my girlfriend to get plastic surgery- My girlfriend of a few months doesn’t look how I want her to. I like big breasts and wide hips but instead she’s petite and just looks okay. She’s very pretty and smart though but the oft isn’t working for me. I offered to pay for her plastic surgery and she maliced me but I don’t think I did anything wrong. I got with her because of how ambitious and independent she is. She can also cook, clean and the sex is amazing, but I need somebody who can bring me off. I think I’m very handsome and I workout to keep my body in top form so I need her to bring me off. How can I convince her to do the surgeries?
Dear A.F.,
Somebody as shallow as you doesn’t deserve a girl of her caliber. Love her for who she is or leave her alone and go find somebody just as superficial as you. 
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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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