Dear McKoy: I Want a Baby But Im Not Getting Enough Sex From My Husband

Dear McKoy: I’ve been married to my husband for three years. He is 44 years old, and I am 26. We normally have sex every two to three days.. But now that we’re trying to have a baby, I told him we need to have sex  at least seven days straight during my ovulation period. Apparently he gets turned off and it’s even harder to arouse him sometimes According to him, sex is now more of a routine than an enjoyable experience. He claims he wants a baby as much as I do, however, he feels as if he is under duress to perform. What kind of man doesn’t want sex on a daily basis anyway? What can I do to make him perform better so we can have a baby soon?




Dear Joey: It seems you are putting a lot of pressure on your husband. Being asked to ejaculate on demand is undeniably stressful. Simply shift the emphasis from trying to get pregnant to enjoying passionate sex with your husband and you will see a great difference. Some couples try to improve their erotic connection by approaching their lovemaking time with greater playfulness, such as games, dressing up, or  toys. I know you are anxious to have a baby, but make the sex great and I’m sure he will want it as often as you want.

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