Dear McKoy: I think My Wife is Trying to Poison Me

Dear McKoy: I want to break up with my wife because I believe she’s trying to kill me, perhaps to get my life insurance money. Every time she cooks I get sick and everyone else has the same food but they’re perfectly fine. Sometimes I catch her hovering over me when I wake up and she says it’s nothing and I’m being dramatic. She has stopped being intimate with me and I feel like she’s even cheating. I’ve always tried my best with her but she’s the type to want a flashier life than I can afford right now. I want a divorce but I am wondering if I’m bugging and I just need to work on things with her.

Dear G.N.: It would be wise to follow your intuition and all the signs. At the same time, you need to be careful because you don’t want to act too quickly and have her hurt you. If you do decide to move and can move to a safe location, please do so. Please keep me posted.

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