Dear McKoy: I think my sister and my husband are too close

Dear McKoy,

I am in need of your professional advice. My sister and my husband have gotten really close and I believe the baby she’s carrying right now is his. She has a history of sleeping with people’s men but now that it has hit home (literally) I’m so upset about it. I’ve caught them alone in rooms before and they brush it off like they were casually talking. He always wants to carry her bags and bring food to her at her home. She has a boyfriend so that’s not necessary. I have ill-feelings towards the baby and I know that’s wrong but how dare she try to ruin my home?! I don’t want to get revenge because I can be very conniving. What do you think I should do?


Dear G.S.,

You need to confront them straight up about it. There’s no use in speculating and plotting. Know the facts first then express that you’re uncomfortable with their level of closeness. Draw some boundaries. That’s your man and your home. Please keep it peaceful.


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