Dear Mckoy: I Think My Man is Nasty

I am with a man who I believe is extremely nasty, some would say it is fetish or fantasy but to me he is nasty.

We are together for a little over 2 years now.  In the beginning he would tell me not to bathe when he is coming to visit, because he wants his meat spicy.  I used to find it fun and would go along with it.  I realize he would start sniffing my vagina and masturbate which became a serious turn off for me.  Once I bathe, he would not be interested.  I spoke to him about it seriously and he stopped for a little.

Next thing I know he tells me to wipe with a rag when I urinate and leave it for him to smell.  I told him that disgusting and he said no because I am his woman we must be adventurous.  Whenever I take off my panties, he tells me not to wash them same time as he wants to smell my fragrance.

This man is very good to me financially, but he is sicking my stomach.  He does not allow me to work. I cannot cope with his nastiness, but I cannot manage without him.

Identity Withheld

Dear Miss: This is a choice that you must make; stay with him and continue his ‘nasty’ fetishes or leave him and go seek employment.  There are different strokes for different folks and best believe, the requests will only get wilder and wilder.  All the best.

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