Dear McKoy: I think my husband is cheating

Dear McKoy,

Since the pandemic started, and I’ve been home more, I’ve gained about 15 pounds. My husband keeps comparing me to other women and I feel uncomfortable. He suggested that I join a gym to get my physique back and he’s barely having sex with me anymore. I have reason to believe he’s cheating on me cause he’s on his phone more, he’s out more and sometimes when I cook, he comes home and says he’s full. I love him and I feel like a fool for sticking around. I feel like our marriage is on the rocks right now. I want him to want me again but I don’t know how to achieve that. His mind is already wandering.

What can I do?


Dear S.D.,

Not only for the sake of your husband, but for yourself and your health, you need to consider regulating your weight. There are many illnesses that can develop due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Cheating can never be justified and if he is, he’s totally wrong for not loving and accepting you in a different state. To quell your curiosity, talk to him about your concerns and work it out. Communication is key. Be safe.


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