Dear McKoy: I Spit in My Man’s Mouth During Sex and He Hit Me

Dear McKoy: I Spit in My Man’s Mouth During Sex and He Hit Me – I spit in my man’s mouth while we were having sex last week and he hit me. This was the first time he ever laid hands on me and I’m still in shock. We’re not on speaking terms because of it. He always said he likes it nasty so I was trying something new. Besides, the older men I sleep with on the side for money enjoy it. I even ask them to pee on me. I don’t know if I should break up with my boyfriend because of it. He has apologized but I can tell he still found the encounter weird. Who do you think is wrong during the situation? He didn’t even continue having sex, he just went to masturbate so he could cum. I feel so weird. Please help.

Dear N.R.: You need to have a discussion with him about what happened. After you talk it all out, you can determine where to go from there. Nothing can justify hitting another person, but spitting on somebody, let alone in their mouth. Both of you are wrong in your own way, but you should have known better than to do that in the first place.

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