Dear McKoy: I Slept With My Husband’s Son

Dear McKoy: I have been married to my husband for 4 years now.  He is 59 and I am 36.  We have an ok marriage; nothing extra spectacular, just ok.

He has two sons from his previous marriage, one is 38 and the other 30.  They recently came from overseas to visit him recently and stayed by our house.  It would be my first time meeting them so I ensured the place was well tidied because they thought I was too young for their dad and was just using him.  When we went for them at the airport, the men looked really good, but I couldn’t stop staring at the younger one.  He looked adorable and very sexy.

When we went home, I tried my best to stay away from them to give them their bonding time.   While I was showering, I heard the door opened, but I thought it was my husband. I felt when he came inside with me and I started wining my body on him.  When I felt the hard body behind me and looked around, I saw it was the son.  He said he saw the way I looked at him and he liked me too.  Right there in my matrimonial shower, I had the most passionate sex with my stepson.  For the entire 2 weeks they were there, he and I had sex every day.  When he was leaving, he told me to leave his dad for him.

It has been a little over 3 months since he left and we have been corresponding seriously.  He has been sending me money and gifts.  I am confused now because I love my husband for what he can do for me, but I am in love with his son for what he did to me.


Dear Miss: The ending of this triangle will not end well.  It seems as though you never loved your husband because you wouldn’t have cheated that easily worst stooped so low to be with his son. 

If you continue this affair with his son and he finds out, you wouldn’t have only broken up your marriage but a family.   This is a disaster waiting to strike so please end it before it ends you.

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5 thoughts on “Dear McKoy: I Slept With My Husband’s Son”

  1. So where was the husband when all this was happening in the shower?? You thought he was home and that’s why he could step in the shower behind you right? Where was his brother?? How come you didn’t scream as a first response when you saw someone you didn’t expect???

  2. I would be ashamed to tell anyone much less to put it on paper. You are a disgrace. I hope when things get sour the guy tells his father. You’re a user

  3. How can you use love so easily? That is not love, you’re infatuated. You didn’t love your husband or else you wouldn’t have thought about another man inside de you much less to let it happen. Stop saying you love any of them because you don’t. And you’re playing with dangerous fire, I hope you can accept the consequences.

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