Dear McKoy: I only like 10” and over-

Dear Mckoy: I want a threesome with 2 men
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Dear McKoy: I only like 10” and over-    I’m writing to share this with you because I’m afraid of being judged by others. I started having sex when I was 15. My ex-boyfriend took my virginity and since then I’ve been with a lot of men. The thing is, I only like huge penises, so if it’s too small or average I can’t orgasm. I’ve only met about 10 men with “my size” but we couldn’t remain in long term relationships because most of them already had a woman or family. Every time I try dating and ask the man for his penis size, they argue with me or take offense…but it’s important to me. I love feeling the firmness in my abdomen. I can’t take the ticklish feeling at all!
I’m also writing this so any man out there that reads this and has my size can comment and I’ll reach out to them. I’m tired of masturbating and being lonely. I need a big penis man.
Thanks for reading.
Dear G.P.,
Everybody has their preferences but you need to be careful because sometimes those sizes help to contribute to the development of cervical cancer. It’s also good to take a break sometimes and not be promiscuous. It’s not safe or healthy. Please take care of yourself. All the best.
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