Dear McKoy: I need help with my Children’s Phone Addiction

Dear McKoy – I need help with my Children’s Phone Addiction (McKoy’s News)  I am a mother of three kids. Now when I was their age, I would be outside playing Red light, Hopscotch or 1,2,3,.  My kids, however, are stuck inside on their iPhones and PS4.

I have tried to send them outside to play but they usually just sit outside under a shaded area rather than throw a ball or read a book. Their phone addiction is really getting to me,  it is so bad right now, I am not sure if they know what a book is. I am afraid that their brains will rot out. This stems from a rational realization that most technology doesn’t foster dexterity or creativity as a stick or string does.

Dear McKoy; My husband thinks I am Selfish

I feel the need for that change but everyone else says I need to chill. Do you think I am wrong? And how do you think I can get my kids to play outside?

Any thoughts?

Betty C.

Dear Betty C,

Thanks for sharing! We share the same sentiment when it comes to technology. The world today is overrun by technology. Kids no longer play and have fun under the sun. We believe the best way to get your kids to consider parking their gadgets is by setting an example. Simply have an evening where you go back to the old games of Dandy Shandy and Dodge ball and no technology.

Show your kids that you can have fun without the technology and see how it goes!

Rub some dirt in it.

The McKoy’s Team

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