Dear Mckoy: I Married A Sexually Overly Greedy Woman

I reside in the United States and came to Jamaica at a hotel with some friends.  They were having a party on the beach and I saw this couple dancing.  The lady was such a beauty and she was moving on the man like a snake.  When she started wining her bottom, it captivated me so much that I made a wish that she was mine.  I saw her wink at me and I felt embarrassed because my cock stood solid as a rock.

The next morning we were at the poolside and I saw her and some ladies entered the pool.  I tried to look past her because of the embarrassment the night before.  I was at the pool bar when someone touched me and it was her.  We sat there talking for quite some time and I learnt that the guy was he co-worker as they were there on a work retreat.  We vibed for the day and met up at the club in the night.  If someone had told me I could get drunk from dancing, I would say it’s a lie.  The girl had me completely drunk from her dancing on me.

We started drinking and went for a walk on the beach.  We started kissing and making out and it felt so right.  It felt like something was shocking my skin.  We got naked on the sand and started making out.  I could hardly see because the place was so dark but I felt a big wet clump of meat in my hand; that sent me in overdrive and I just decided I had to devour it.  From the moment my mouth connected with the clump, she started wining and juicing on my face.  It was like she was trying to screw off my neck.  When my mouth contacted her clit, I had to shine the phone light to see if it was real, her clit was very big.  I was in heaven feasting.  She cum and squirted all over my face and I allowed none to get waisted.  I got a condom out of my shorts and placed it on.  In no time she flipped me over on my back and jumped on.  She rode me like a hybrid stallion, I couldn’t help the loud moans.  She turned front way, back way and sideways while not losing a bit of balance on top.  She then stood up and held on to her ankles with me behind her.  She demanded that I laced her properly.  I put all my energy in lacing her and she just kept leaking on me.  It was too good to be true and when I cum,I felt like tge waves were crashing in my head.  We dipped in the sea water then went to my room.  I am not kidding, the girl drained me about 3 times before the sun came up.  The next morning I woke up to a warm mouth on my cock and it felt awesome.

We were both leaving in the afternoon as she was going to her local home and I had to catch my flight back home.  In the lobby, she took me in the bathroom, locked the doors and demanded that I  sexed me on the face basin.  When she was cumming, she turned on the faucet and her squirting was competing with the water.  I had to hold my head from bawling like a child the way how the cum was intense.

We communicated daily and got to know each other more.  I was not in a committed relationship but I had women who I flirted with.  I tried having sex with them but none was giving me the vibes of the Jamaican girl.  I would be having sex with them and had to think about her to cum.   It was getting frustrating so i decided to start dating the Jamaican.  I took care of her financially, mentally and emotionally.

She had a visa so I paid for her to visit me for a weekend.  As I picked her up at the airport, she started pleasuring me.  I had to stop in a shopping center because I couldn’t manage driving with my penis in her mouth.  She swallowed every drop of me.  I decided I wanted nothing in our way when having sex so we stopped at an medical facility and did a rapid std check.  After we got the negative results we went home and it was crazy sex.  The skin to skin connection was dynamic.  Not only could she sex but she cooked well.  I woke up in the evening to the table well spread with food and she sitting naked on a chair.  This woman captured, stole and locked away my heart.  She was  visiting for a week and I had to beg her to leave the house because she just wanted to lock in with me.

When she went back home, I missed her like crazy and that’s when I knew that I wanted her in my life.  We got closer and closer and I was in love with her.  I got to know her parents on the phone and I told them of my intentions of being with their daughter.  I got their blessings and then I decide to make my move.  I booked a flight the weekend and got her close family and friends together and proposed to her.  She was so excited and said yes.  We decided to get married in Jamaica in an intimate setting and that happened 3 months later.  You know a typical bride would be making love on their wedding night but she had a show for me.  I was handcuffed and blindfolded.  She spent time licking every part of my body while occasionally whipping me.  She told me that like how the handcuff held my two hand together, she was going to pussycuff my penis and her vagina.  That night she tortured my sexually that I had zero strength in the morning.

I filed for her and she came up to live with me.  She is crazy sexually and always wants sex.  It used to be nice and exciting when we were just spending little time together but since living together, i cannot manage her drive.  I went all out to secure her a job but when she gets home, she just want to cook and sex.   I have to be taking enhancement pills to stay up with her because I don’t want her to cheat. I take viagra, boom, stud and roots.  I love her sexual nature but I truly cannot manage.  If I look at her too hard she wants sex.  I have to put her on a schedule.  So we have different days for different stuff.  I am happy when she gets on her period as I have some time to recuperate.  Sometimes I have to form sick and then she will tell me sex is good for sickness.   How can I tone down this girl?

New York

Dear Sir: If you think your wife has a overly strong sex appetite, maybe you should communicate your frustration with her and go see a specialist.  You have to be careful of the different enhancers you are consuming as you do not want to get sick or even die.  All the best.

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