Dear McKoy: I Lost Interest Because of his Bad Breath

Dear McKoy,

I recently met this very popular, cute guy from Instagram and it was so disappointing. He looks good and has money but his breath is so bad! I don’t have the heart to tell him that he has a problem but I wonder if he doesn’t have friends or family to talk to him. We had a date at a very exclusive spot and the only thing I could focus on was his breath! He tried to kiss me and I nearly fainted. I wanted to vomit so bad. I had to lie and tell him I don’t like kissing that much.

When we got home he said he wanted to see me again but I can’t manage that scent again! The money and gifts are nice but trust me… my stomach isn’t that strong.


Dear M.N.,

Sometimes these thing are a result of medical conditions. If you genuinely care about him, tell him in a calm and respectful way so he can treat it. We’re all humans after all and this can happen to anyone.


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