Dear Mckoy: I Hide Behind Buildings And Watch Women Then Masturbate

I have a very serious and embarrassing problem.  I am a very attractive young man who can get lots of women, but I am not interested in them for relationships. The only thing I want is to masturbate and I just have to hide and do it.

I love to hide places I cannot be seen then peep at women and masturbate.  The women don’t need to be naked, once they are sexy that is all that matters.  Even at work, I sit in my dark tinted car and watch the females and masturbate right there. My car is always full of tissue because of this.  People would think I am a gallis but if they only know I am a masturbating clown.

Identity Withheld




Dear Sir: You need to seek counseling with this situation.  I suggest you find a lady who attracts you very much for dating.  Masturbating will not build a family or do you plan to live alone for your entire life?

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