Dear Mckoy: I Got Pregnant for my Boss Husband

Dear Mckoy: I Got Pregnant for my Boss Husband – I have been working for the past 15 years with my boss and her husband. Within eight years after working with them, I started sleeping with her husband and eventually I got pregnant and he suggested that I got an abortion.

Seven years after I got pregnant again and he still insists that I must do another abortion but I had refused to do so because I had decided to tell my partner at home that I missed my monthly cycle and I am pregnant for him.

However, my boss has no clue that I’m involved with her husband because we have been very discrete about our affair.

Now he has gotten to the extreme point where he began to threaten me that if I truly insist to keep the child he will ensure that his wife fired me, even if he had to give her an excuse saying I stole the company’s money.

He started having concerns that even if I give the child to my partner, the child might look like him and it will cause suspicions that we were sleeping together and he doesn’t want to be in any animosity with his wife that might cause them to get divorced.

Confused and worried, Ann, Montego Bay.


Dear Ann,

               Firstly, have you really thought about your story?

Your situation is not only confusing but you are a careless and deceiving woman to both your boss and your partner at home.

It’s very clear you’re in your boss’s life to take over her husband and destroy their marriage. But I do hope this man can learn from his mistakes and regain himself in a very positive and respectful manner so that you don’t destroy his married life.

The decision you make is all up to you.

Good Luck.

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