Dear McKoy: I got my tubes tied but my boyfriend doesn’t know

Dear McKoy: I got my tubes tied but my boyfriend doesn’t know– My boyfriend has been trying to have a baby for years but I do not want children. We have had many fights about this which were always shoved under the rug. Earlier this year, I got my tubes tied without him knowing so that even when he tries to get me pregnant, it won’t ever work. He has been ejaculating inside me for about 3 months to no avail and I see that it is stressing him out. To be honest, I do not feel sorry for him because I told him I was not interested in a family. The only issue is, sometimes I feel bad and want to tell him but I don’t know how to go about that. I just want us to enjoy our relationship and focus on our careers without the interference of children.

I notice he has become withdrawn and spends more time out with friends and this makes me sad. I sometimes wonder if he is having an affair or is looking to leave me for another girl who wants a family. I’m thinking all sorts of things. What should I do?
Y. S.
Dear Y.S.,
What you did was very unfair to him. You need to be honest and let him know so he can decide if he wants to stay or leave. It is okay to not want children but to deceive your partner like that is wicked, especially because you see how it is stressing him out. Please do the right thing.
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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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