Dear McKoy: I Got My Mistress Pregnant

Dear McKoy: My wife was in the hospital for some time recovering from a surgery. During that time, I got the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my mistress and she got pregnant. She’s in her first trimester now and aborting isn’t an option. The issue here obviously is that I don’t know what I’ll tell my wife. We never had children because I didn’t want any so now I’m going to look like the bad guy even more for impregnating another woman. She recovered quite fine and is back to her normal self but I know this will be devastating for her.

Dear F.M.: It is better to man up and tell her yourself than having her find out some other way. This is the bed you made and will have to lie in it. Ensure you’re supportive of your child and whatever your wife decides to do when you break the news to her is totally within her rights. All the best.

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