Dear Mckoy: I Gave Him Oral Pleasure To Pay My School Fee

Dear Mckoy: I Gave Him Oral Pleasure To Pay My School Fee– I am 20 and living with my parents who are very old and unable to work anymore.  They are both living off their pension.

I recently started university but it has been a very struggling road for me.
One day I was on my way home and a church friend from my parents church offered me a drive.
On our journey he was asking about my schooling and I was pouring out my situation to him.   During which he ask me if I would comfort a old man and have him pay my school fee?

Without realizing that he was referring to himself I said of course,  I just need to get through university. He smiled then asked me how much was the fee? I told him and he then said,  if it was OK we stop somewhere to grab a drink.  I agreed.

Eventually we got to a place that was cozy and relaxing we had a few drinks.  Then we left.
While on our way to drop me off he started rubbing my leg.  I was wearing a skirt so it was easy access for him. I didn’t resist. He then pulled over and handed me an envelope and said dont disappoint me I’ll give you some more on a specific date.

He then rest back and told me to make him happy and he’s gonna make me happy as well.
I then started giving him oral sex.
After we were finished. He took me home and since then I been giving him oral sex to take myself through university.

Now I have become tired of the situation and wants to stop but he threatens to stop helping me if I stop.
What should I do?

Kerr.  Kingston.

Dear Kerr: Giving sexual pleasure to pay your way through university should have been your last option. But I do understand you grab at the first easy way you saw that could help you.

But my advice is that you should Seek a Student Loan to pursue your schooling and not allow this man to use you anymore.  You are worth more than you are selling yourself for.
You can enquire there that at the university your attending and they should be able to advice you on how to go about a student loan to continue your schooling.

Good Luck.

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