Dear McKoy: I found out my husband cheated while he was under quarantine at home

Dear McKoy,

My husband tested positive for COVID-19 and told me to stay with my parents until he recovered. The time passed and he recovered and I went back home to find an underwear, a pair of lashes and slippers in the house. It’s pretty obvious that he had a woman over but he’s trying to convince me that they’re mine or belong to a friend. I am so close to slapping him for trying to take me for a fool. I have since been sleeping in the guest room and I can’t say I don’t miss him but he’s being dishonest and I hate that. What do you think I should do?


Dear T.F.,

It is best you leave that man alone because he has narcissistic traits. Hard decision but you can’t force a man to value enough to be honest. Please take comfort in close family and friends.


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