Dear McKoy: I fell in love with another guy after partner swapping with my husband

My husband and I have been in this open marriage for a while and I want out of it. We usually swap partners with our close friends for a good time but I’ve fallen in love with one of the men I’ve been sleeping with. He is a family friend and his wife and I are cool but I want him. He understands me, the sex is great, he is richer and more handsome. I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant by him, to be honest. I don’t feel comfortable with my husband anymore; I barely want him even touching me but I don’t know how to tell him it’s because of our friend. I think the guy likes me too. He’s always flirting and being extra sweet. I’m caught in such a tough spot. What should I do?


Dear D.M.,

It is better to stick to the evil that you know and do not break up two homes. Perhaps you should stop “swinging” and work on reigniting the spark within your marriage. Please do not be consumed by your feelings.


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