Dear Mckoy: I Don’t Love My Girlfriend Anymore

Dear Mckoy: I Don’t Love My Girlfriend Anymore– I have been with my girlfriend a little over a year now. When  we first started out I was really just attracted to her for her freakiness until I fell inlove with her. But I’m a man that enjoys  having lots of girls and I realized that I can’t let her know or else she will be hurt.

Now I recently met a girl that is younger and turns me on more than she does. I am really into this new girl and now I’m having changes of feelings for my girlfriend.
She suspects it and keep asking questions and getting emotional. She even becomes a little distance. So I know she’s hurting.

I want to tell her the truth that i don’t love her anymore but we could still remain friends if it’s OK with her, but I know she really loves me and have been loyal to our relationship despite she suspects my changed feelings. I’m not sure if I should just cut communication with her or tell her straight up I don’t love her anymore.

What are your suggestions?

Andy.  St James

Dear Andy:  It is natural to be attracted to another person for all the wrong reasons. And it’s very clear that you did not genuinely loved your girlfriend, you were only attracted to her for being a freaky person.  And in doing that you also led her on to believe you love her and further allowing her to become emotionally attached to you. Which in my opinion is unfair.

What I do suggest is that you sit her down and be very straight forward and frank with her about your feelings, hoping she will understand.

Best of Luck.

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