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Dear McKoy: I Cheated on My Husband and Got a Yeast Infection


Dear McKoy: I have a yeast infection and my husband is convinced I cheated on him and got it. The truth is, I’ve never cheated with men, but I do hook up with women from time to time. He doesn’t know and I don’t think it’s that important to tell him. He keeps insulting me about the smell even though he knows I’m actively treating it. It’s so embarrassing. He says it’s disgusting and he doesn’t find me attractive right now. I’m not sure if the last girl I had sex with caused it somehow, but I’m never sleeping with her again. The itchiness and discomfort are very annoying and I know people can smell me when I go into public.

Dear S.H.: Perhaps you want to desist from living a double life or come clean to your husband. You cannot compromise your sexual health when you know another party might be affected. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and I wish you would grow up. I hope you’ll recover soon. You have some deep thinking to do.
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