Dear McKoy: I Cheated on My Boyfriend and Caught a Disease

Dear McKoy: I cheated on my boyfriend in December while he was visiting family for the holidays and I think I caught an STD or STI but I am too afraid to check it out at the doctor. My vagina has been itching and there’s a green-yellow discharge coming out. The odor is so bad and I have to make sure I shower multiple times a day. I am only 18 and I don’t have money readily available to see the doctor. I have been avoiding my boyfriend since he came back 2 weeks ago but that’s so suspicious. I would ask him for money but that will look even more suspicious! My parents are unaware of this and the man whom I slept with isn’t really talking to me anymore. I feel so confused and sad. I just need this to be over. What should I do?


Dear L.B.,

You have to be honest with your parents or someone you trust will be able to help you through this. There’s a strong possibility that you were indeed infected and the longer you wait, the more detrimental it will become to your health. lease desist from having unprotected sex. I hope this has been a learning moment for you. Whatever the outcome, it won’t be the end of the world. Take care of yourself. Best wishes.


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