Dear McKoy: I Can’t Seem to Please My Husband in Bed

Dear McKoy: My husband has been complaining that I’m too boring in bed no matter how hard I try to spice things up. He says I don’t moan loud enough, nor do I suck his penis properly but I really do try. He wants an acrobat and I’m not that flexible. I watch tutorials on how to give head but he says it’s still very basic. This is taking a toll on my self esteem that I’ve worked very hard to build. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want him to cheat or leave me cause he loves sex, but we just don’t seem to mesh sexually. What should I do?

Dear N.R.: A conversation must be had about what you both like and dislike. It’s supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship and if you’re both willing to talk and compromise, it can work. Just work on it, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

4 thoughts on “Dear McKoy: I Can’t Seem to Please My Husband in Bed”

  1. Yuh boring fi true😒 bout yuh try hard, yuh need fi be a big tinking freak fi di man. Suck it sloppy an bring een a gal or a next man and sex dem tuh. Yuh lame like.

  2. This goodas tina is something else she or he no have to be responding like that not every one is a freak in the sheets or can be one. suppose you were in her shoes come on man she is a human not a fucking machine know your place bitch and stop the judging so childish.

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