Dear Mckoy: I Bewitched My Sister’s Husband and Now I Hate Him

Dear Mckoy: I am the definition of salt and fool.  My sister husband was always treating her good.  He would give her everything in the world.  I don’t know why men would flock her and she is so black and ugly while I am the pretty sexy one.

I used to love him before he chose her.  I had them off for it and harbored jealousy.  The things he was doing for her was supposed to be for me and she stole my life right in front of my eyes.

I found this man who I was told could break them up using spells.  I paid him over $200,000 to do it.  It took about approximately 7 months for their nice relationship to start crumbling like crackers.  I just look on and smile because I felt good about what was happening.  He then started coming on to me which made me happy but the difference is the treatment he gave my sister was not what I was getting.   My sister doesn’t know he is with me now.   He would only want to have sex with me and not letting off no niceness.  Him all start give me some brutal beating and he never laid a hand on my sister.  I run him away from me but it look like the spell hitch him on me more.  I really hate the man now and wish I didn’t interfere with their marriage.



Dear Miss: How can someone act so cruel towards their sister; for heaven’s sake, you are supposed to be protecting her and not harming her.  You interfered with a happy marriage expecting to get happiness?  Oh what such stupidity on your path.  That money you paid to whoever that man was could have been used to better your evil mind.  You need to repent from your wicked deeds.


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