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Dear McKoy: ‘I Am Sorry I Tied My Boss’


Dear McKoy: I work as an Agent at a Call Center and I was madly attracted to my Supervisor.   The man sexy nuh boxcover.  Imagine tall about 6″4, dark skin, bow leg, shine head and beard.  When boss smile, mi panty damaged.  Only thing is seh boss man married.  Mi nuh know why the devil give me a boss like that.  To the way how mi lubb the man, mi nuh chat to him.  Everyday I go home with headache because mi can’t stop thinking about this man.  And you know the man know him stay good  enu because him wear pure tight clothes.  When I hear the girls talking about him, mi get jealous and vex bad.  And the worse thing is I have my own man at home, but a boss man mi want.

Mi hear about a woman who can fix up people suh mi seh mi just want a one try off a him so I am gonna get a fix.  The woman tell mi fi get piece a him hair carry come give har with mi panty.  Mi a wonda how mi agu get that now, but I know mi affi find a way.  The next day him come ova mi, mi have a scissors like mi a cut up paper and gwaan like mi frighten and cut piece a di beard.  You want to hear mi a Anyway mi carry the hair mi get and one a mi prettiest panty guh give the woman.  Honestly, mi nuh know weh she duh, but she seh the man a fi mi now.   Mi did teck it for a joke because mi neva believe in those things.

The following week boss call mi in him office seriously enu and mi a wonda weh mi duh now.  Boss seh as of now anytime him call mi in him office guh bathroom guh teck off mi panty first.  Mi get excited bad suh mi a come out fi teck it off and he said this time do it right there and that I did.  Mi frighten to see boss come out with some clothes pin seh mi must pin them pon mi vagina and go back to my desk and meet him in the car park when the shift over.  Mi like a idiot have the clothes pin them on fi the whole day and a bare the pain.  Then every minute him walk pass mi like him a things.

When shift done mi wait till everybody gone and meet him in him van.  Him drive mi guh round a back road a waah dark place and tell mi to take off mi clothes.  Boss man teck out a black whip and start lick mi pon mi batty hot to enu.  Imagine the clothes pin pain and the whip.  I cuddu even bawl cause mi fraid.  When him done him take off the pins and give me a piece a fix.  Him ram mi hard bad and squeeze mi throat demanding I say it is sweet.  When mi look pon the man, anu mi sweet sexy boss I  see at all, is a beast with horn mi see.  Mi beg Jesus forgiveness instantly and ask for saving grace.

When bossman drop mi a taxi stand him tell mi nuh wear no panty tomorrow, mi wonda who him a chat to.  When mi reach home mi affi form sick ,I couldn’t even bathe just wipe down.  I never go back to that work.  For nights mi dream see the beast face.  Mi affi guh get deliverance and repent.  Mi tell my man what I did and it teck some time but him forgive me.  Now the 2 of us going to church and starting on a fresh path.  Mi sorry the day mi meck the devil lead mi fi bout mi a tie man.


Dear DL: I am happy that you were able to get deliverance from that curse you brought upon yourself.  The saying that says ‘not everything that glitters is gold’ is so true. 

Let this be a lesson for all, spend time investing in what you have rather that trying to get what does not belong to you.  You will see someone’s face but you can’t see the heart and wickedness never pays.

DL you are fortunate to have such a forgiving man at home.  Hope your relationship works out.

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