Dear Mckoy: I am Only Attracted to Abusive Men

I know I may sound crazy, but I have a thing for cruel men.  I believe in ‘ we fight, then make love after’.

I was involved with a man who would charm me and treated me like a queen, but that didn’t have any sparks.  I cheated on him with a man who looked buffed. At first he was so smooth, but then one night he slapped me up for not coming to his home at an earlier time.  I slapped him back and then we started fighting.  He beat me up bad then made the sweetest love to me afterwards.  From that day I would do things for him to beat me so we could have sex afterwards.  He migrated and I have had 4 relationships after that.  3 of them beat the heck out of me, but this last one doesn’t want to fight with me.  I am on the brink of dismissing him.


Dear miss: A man who beats a woman is a weak man,; stop allowing this in your life.  What if one of these men beat you to death, will you be alive to enjoy the lovemaking?  Try building your self worth and self esteem.

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