Dear Mckoy: I Am Obsessed With My Sister’s Life

Dear Mckoy: I have a sister that I literally hate.  Growing up ,she always gets the best of everything.  She is brown and I am black, she is shapey and I am not so shapey, she has long flowing hair and I have short natty hair, she has a lot of friends while I am a loner.  I couldn’t stand her then and it is even worse now.

She was the one who was sent to college while I had to go look a job so she is more qualified than me.  She has a very good job and wears exquisite outfits.  She walks and talks very eloquently and she has a millionaire fiancé.

I hate her to the point where I try to emulate her talking, dressing and walking but it just cannot happen.  Sometimes I think of ways how I can harm her, but my heart just cannot give me.  I malice my parents because of how I was created.  The sad thing is that my sister acts like she loves me and would do anything for me, but the hate I have for her overburden the love she shows.

I tried to get at her by sleeping with her fiancé; I actually got him drunk and we slept together.  Even in his drunk state, he still called her name.  I just stopped and left.  I took pics and sent them to her, but it seems it drew them closer because they found out he was deeply drunk.  They don’t speak to me none at all now.  I am wondering what more can I do to break her down and take her place.


Dear Miss: This is a serious level of hatred you are harboring in your heart; this will drain you emotionally.  Stop trying to compete and accept yourself the way God created you; you were created by God in his own image.  Your purpose on this earth is different from that of your sister.  Hate is a bundle of wasted negative energy that you could have used to positively enhance your life.  Please seek therapy immediately before you wreck yourself further.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Mckoy: I Am Obsessed With My Sister’s Life”

  1. Sender bleaching cream,false hair sell. Stop hate your sister and accept yourself for who u are. The reason u can’t find love is because u have hatred in your heart

  2. Girl you need to accept how you look because that’s how god made you . Alot of men out there that will take good care of you plus you dont need a man to do that be independent. I understand your jealous because your parents mite choose her over you , all you have to do it show them good and what you where made of. Nothing beats positivity & you dont have to have shape to look good . You mentioned her going back to school and you working , hun that’s not a bad thing , work you ass off make that money go back to school if you wish , get your self together. Try to be better not worst . Enjoy your life things will get better and apologize for sleeping with her fiance. Build a relationship with her she can show you two lil things . Girl jus have fun

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