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Dear Mckoy: I Am Obsessed With Frownzy Men

Dear Mckoy: You know how most women like their men smelling nice with cologne; I am the total opposite.   I think my head is twisted because I like men smelling ‘naturally green’.  To me it is earthy and sexy.

How this started was when I was younger growing up in the rural part of the country, I had a crush on this gardener man.  I would hide and watch him cleaning my yard, yes he worked for my family.  When the sun would catch his body and he started to sweat, I would get some feelings in my body that I couldn’t explain.  One day I was at home alone and he came by to do his job and when he started sweating, I went outside to offer him lemonade.  When he lifted his hand to take it, I smelled a scent and at first, it was funky but when he wiped his sweat from his face, the scent got sweet.  I found myself going up to his arm and inhaling it.  I would deliberately walk past him just to inhale his green nectar.  We started fooling around but not sexually.  My father caught us kissing and beat him up badly and run him away.  I don’t know where he went but he left the community.

That fetish grew with me but it is difficult finding established men who smell that way.  I have been with guys who I tell to shower and come to bed instantly but they never have that scent so it turned me off.  I go to the gym daily at the peak hours because that’s the closest I get to that scent and 95% of the times, it’s a more sweet sweaty scent rather than the ‘cedarwood green’ scent I am seeking.  I know the only men in the bracket I am seeking would be street people and that’s out of the question as I am a well-established professional.  I am still hoping that one sweet day I will find Mr. Green.

Miss Green

Dear Miss Green: This is a weird ‘fetish’ as this is my first time hearing this one.  As you said, the persons who would have the ‘cedarwood green’ scent are mostly street people and you are above them.  It is going to be quite challenging for you to find an ‘established green’ man but maybe you could explain your desires to one and he would do it for you.

All the best.

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