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Dear Mckoy: ‘I Am In Love With A Granny’

Dear Mckoy: I am 24 years old and I am dating a 65 years old woman.  It all started when one afternoon I was driving on the highway and saw this broken-down BMW Van.  When I looked, I saw a woman bending over, looking in the bonnet.  I was skeptic at first because maybe it could be a trap for robbery but my instinct told me to help.

I got out my vehicle and while walking up to her, her big ass got my head spinning.  When I walked up and she turned around I was very much surprised to see she was a big woman.  Her face showed signs of aging but that body was prime.   I ended up staying with her until the roadside assistance came to pick up the van.  I offered to bring her home instead of her going with them.  On the way to her house, we made small conversations and it wasn’t bad at all.  She informed me that her 3 children are abroad living and her husband is deceased so it is she and her helper who lives at her home.  We exchanged numbers and started communicating daily.

I had some flings going on but nothing serious as I considered myself too young to settle down.  I consider myself very attractive so I am always getting the attention of females.  This lady invited me out to have dinner and I actually enjoyed myself with her.  I dropped her home then she invited me inside as the helper was gone for the weekend.  We were watching a movie when she asked me if I have ever been with an older woman.  I told her no and she said I would be her first and I will not be disappointed.  My penis did not respond to her words (maybe it was frightened) but when she took it out of my pants and swallowed, it instantly bricked up. To my surprise she did not let up; she stayed there devouring me, mine you, I have a 9 inches tool.  I have never felt such warmth from a mouth before.  I told her to move as I am peaking and she stayed and swallowed every bit.  I was so weak but I wasn’t about to act it.  She took off her clothes and it is the fattest and prettiest front I ever see.  The stretch marks on her skin did not matter one bit.  When I sniffed it, it smelled pure and fresh so I dove face forward.  It tasted literally sweet and as gushing so I couldn’t stop.  To top it off she gave me the wickedest slam ever.  I had to sleep over the way we were at it.

We started dating and it just got better and better.  She takes care of me financially, sexually, emotionally, and mentally.  She told me to sell my car and bought me a SUV.  She is asking for us to be official but I am scared of the age difference as she is way older than my parents. I don’t know what I would tell my family.  This may sound strange but I think I am in love with her.

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Dear Sir: It is said that age is just a number but this is a wide gap.  There are questions you will have to ask yourself,  like about getting children or if you are willing to adopt.  Your parents may see this as a case of ‘robbing the cradle’.  You are an adult and you have to make your own decision but think carefully before you make things official; think about the pros and cons.  All the best sir.

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