Dear Mckoy: I Am Cheating On My Boyfriend with His Ex-wife

Dear Mckoy:  I went to a lounge one night with some friends from work.  The vybz was right there. The selector started playing “Bawl Out” by Dovey Magnum and the place got wild.  I felt somebody wining behind me and it felt good.  When I turned around I saw this fine looking man matching my every move.  We were staring in each other’s eyes and the connection was real.  After the song finished, I looked and saw a ring on his married finger.  I was so upset until he told me that we’re having issues.
We started fooling around and got closer and closer.  I gave him ultimatum to leave his wife.  His wife found out about me and she started hastening their divorce.   He moved in with me at my home.
One day his wife came to my house looking for him, but I told her he wasn’t there.  She then said to me so you are the wretch who destroyed my marriage and slapped me.  We were there fighting until she ripped by blouse and my breast dropped out.  The lady just started sucking my breast.  That was the biggest turn on I ever have in my life.  She kissed me and I accepted.  We made out right there on the floor.  I have never been with a woman before, but this was the best feeling ever.  We started doing more and more until we fell in love with each other.
I no longer have any interest in my boyfriend, I cannot even stand seeing him.  He says he thinks I am cheating, but he is not giving me up.  How do I tell him I am in love with his ex-wife?
Dear Anonymous: This is a serious tangled web you have weaved right here.  You encouraged the man to leave his wife and now you are with her.  This situation requires profession counseling.  I wish you all the best.
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