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Dear Mckoy: Husband Forced Wife and Sweetheart to be Friends


I married the love of my life when I was 22 years old.  I love him with everything in me and he showed me that he loved me too.  There is nothing on this earth that I would not do for him.  My family was against the marriage because they said he was a womanizer but nobody could tell me nothing about my love.  Due to this, my family hardly contacted me and I didn’t have friends; who would want them when I have all that I needed?

Our marriage was going great and I thought I was fulfilling him sexually because I pulled out all the stops.  One day we were having a talk and he mentioned that he wanted to bring another female into the bedroom.  At first, I hesitated because I loved him too much to share him but then he convinced me that it would only be for that one time so I agreed.  He brought home the girl and she was such a beauty.  I immediately regretted my decision because deep down I felt like something would go wrong, anyways I went along.  During the session, I realized that they were very much into each other which was quite strange.  I heard the girl scream out that she loved his dick every time; that made me freeze and all my love juice dried up.  I went for a bottle and threw it at them and I was getting crazy.  He warned me not to throw anymore and that we should sit and talk like adults.

The man I loved so much told me that he had been seeing the girl for years before we even got married and that she holds a special place in his heart but not as deep as me.  The tears just started flowing uncontrollably and I felt like my heart was ripped from my body.  He said he was very sorry that it had to be revealed that way but he was happy that it happened.   He said he would never want me to leave him but he is asking that his sweetheart and I have a cordial relationship.  I am wondering if a spell was placed on me why I am so stupid, I told him that we could work on it.  He established rules and boundaries for their relationship and she agreed.

We started supposedly living happy but I know deep down that she hates me.  She behaves friendly to me in front of him but she doesn’t talk to me otherwise.  Sometimes she will come by our house and cook but I secretly throw away my portion.  They will make out while I am there as that is part of the agreement but I choose not to be in the same space.  When we go shopping, he buys her stuff too and I have to smile.

I am tired of crying and being depressed and worst I have no one to talk to.  I cannot dare tell my family because they will laugh at me.  I hate this situation so bad and I want to be out of this marriage but I love him too much to leave.



Dear Miss: You cannot love someone that much until you are hurting yourself.  You need to go to your parents and let them know; they will give you the strength to do what is necessary.  Your happiness is supposed to be the most important thing right now so please take the first step by seeking help and counseling.

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