Dear McKoy – How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Commit?

Dear McKoy – How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Commit? (McKoy’s News) – I have had a crush on a guy for the past 4 years. We video chat and talk all the time but I am not sure what that means.  Have shared how I feel about him but he hasn’t given me the time of day. He says it’s hard for him to commit and the truth is, I don’t think he’s been in a relationship for the past 5 years.

Dear Mckoy: Starved, My husband Does Not Want to be Intimate with Me

He was in a poisonous relationship with a girl who had cheated on him with his twin sister. Since that time, he has had an issue committing to a relationship with anybody.

What I want to know is, how do I get him to commit to a relationship with me? What can I do to show him that everyone is not the same?

I anxiously await your response.

Carla P.

Dear Carla P,

Thanks for giving us a shout!

In order to gain his trust you’ll need to show him your flaws, tell him the truth, confide in him, keep your promises and most importantly be yourself. Nothing is more important than being truthful and authentic.

Remember, trust is learned and not earned. It’s worth also asking him to make decisions that will affect you. If you have a rough day, don’t sugar coat it, let him know that you’ve had a rough day. As far as it depends upon you, be as honest with him as possible. As a heads up, while these suggestions may be helpful they aren’t guaranteed to work.

Let us know how things worked out for you.

All the best,

Dear McKoy

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