Dear McKoy – How Can I Succeed in the Music Industry without being Raunchy?

Dear McKoy – How Can I Succeed in the Music Industry without being Raunchy? (McKoy’s News) – Thanks in advance for taking the time to evaluate my concerns!

I am an aspiring artist who is getting no airplay because I refuse to be raunchy. I have been told under several instances that I am not being noticed because I refuse to compromise my morals and standards.

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I want my voice to be heard but raunchy is not me. What do you think I should do? I have several mainstream artistes lined up to perform with me but only if I leave my comfort zone. My aim is to be an artist that my parents would be proud to see and hear perform.

I desperately need your help.

  • Not a raunchy girl


Hey Not a raunchy girl,

Thanks for firing over this concern!

In all things, we believe it’s important that an individual is happy with what they do. It’s vital that you’ll be able to look in the mirror and recognize yourself. For us, no amount of fame or importance is worth selling out yourself.

Be the person that you want to be and the woman you’d want your children to look up to. Be you, and if they don’t accept you for who you are, simply know that money can’t buy you happiness.

Everything happens in their own time so be patient. Patience is always rewarded!

Kind wishes,

The McKoy’s Team

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