Dear Mckoy: Her Red Hair Drives Me Crazy

Dear Mckoy: I was driving along a popular strip one night when I saw a red hair from a distance.  Something about that color hair on that female made me stop by her foot.  She told me her charge is $5000 for the hour and I offered to pay her $10000.
When she came in the car, she asked if I wanted to go to a motel or stay in the car.  All she was there talking, I was just staring at her red hair.  I told her I just wanted to play with her red hair  so I took off my shirt and she laid her head on my chest.  I gently massaged her hair and had a big orgasm.  She said she never experienced nothing like that before.
I have a wife at home who fulfills my sexual desires, but I pay this red hair girl every week to get an orgasm.  I even give her money to maintain her hair color. There is just something about her long red hair.
Dear Sir: This seems like you have a red hair fetish.  I would suggest that you talk to your wife about your liking for red hair and see if she would go along with that color instead of paying this lady a weekly allowance just to have her hair on you.
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