Dear McKoy: He Stopped Taking My Calls Because He Couldn’t Get It In

Dear McKoy: He Stopped Taking My Calls- I am 25 yrs old and still live with my Christian parents who are very strict. Because of this I only had sex 3 times in my life. I’ve been secretly dating a guy for a couple of weeks and a few days ago we had sex, or better yet attempted, because he wasn’t able to get it in. He even tried two fingers and it was the same thing. Maybe I was nervous or something, but I feel embarrassed. I could sense that he was disappointed too. I honestly don’t know what to do because I really like him but now he doesn’t take my calls or respond to my messages. Can you give me any advice?

T. Allen


Dear McKoy: Pregnant for One of Two Brothers


Dear T: This guy seems to be only interested in sex. He didn’t get his way so he is avoiding you. Please save yourself for someone who will love and care for you. When the right person comes he will spend enough time worshipping your body. That person will ensure you are relaxed and comfortable.  A lot of foreplay will get you aroused and create natural lubrication so it will be easier for that to enter. If that is not enough you can try lubes. Don’t waste your time with someone who obviously doesn’t care about you.

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