Dear McKoy: Girlfriend Vagina Too Tight

Dear McKoy,

Men usually complain about women’s vagina being too loose but my woman’s is too tight and it makes me uncomfortable. She has great qualities and complements me well but when we try to have sex it’s painful for both of us.

I have an average-sized penis so it’s not that my size is a problem. I want things to work with her but I don’t know how to tackle this. She doesn’t want to use lubricant; she gets offended if I suggest it so many times we perform oral sex on each other and call it a night.

There are many women who want to have sex with them and I swear I don’t want to cheat on her but I miss having proper sex. She bought sex toys that seem to do the trick for her so she’s not pressuring me or anything to try often but what about when I want a baby?

McKoy, what would you do?


Dear B.L.,

It is important that you and your partner learn each other’s bodies. Learn what turns her on. If she is not wet enough, it makes it way harder to penetrate her. This is a discussion you will need to have with her if you truly want things to work like you said. There are also professionals like sexologists who probably can advise you.

Best wishes.


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