Dear McKoy: Found Out My Girlfriend Still Lives with Her Ex

Dear McKoy: Found Out My Girlfriend Still Lives with Her Ex (McKoy’s News) – I was dating a girl for 1 year and a half and during the time we’ve been dating I’ve never been to her place. When we just started dating, she told me that she lives with her sister and her sister’s kids.

A couple weeks ago, I found out that not only does she not live with her sister, she lives with a man and she’s been living with a man for the past 5 years. When I asked her about it, she admitted that she was living with a man but they hadn’t been intimate for over 2 years.

Since our confrontation, she has been staying at a hotel and said she’s been trying to move for a while, but they have just not been able to come to an easy agreement on how to split things. Should I wait for her to get this resolved, or is she a double-crosser, and I should just leave her alone? Please help. We are good together, and I never would have guessed she’d have done this to me!

Feeling crappy

Dear Feeling Crappy,

We can all understand how you feel. It’s clear you want things to be different since you mentioned how good you are together, but stop and think about it. You can’t be good together when she lied to you for over a year. The way you found out about her betrayal was not good.

You had to press her and ask about the situation which is why she came clean to you. While we would love to say you need to walk out of his life, we’d rather say make like water and get to running.  This is not your girl. If there was truly nothing to hide, she would have told you the truth.  You really don’t need that type of person in your life? You really don’t deserve what happened to you.

Can you really imagine how far things would have gone if you hadn’t found out about the situation? At the end of the day, this is a personal decision so you’ll need to really think about things.

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