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Dear McKoy: Found out My Friend and My Boyfriend are Secretly Dating


Dear McKoy: Over the weekend, my friends and I went to a villa for a girls trip. The plan was that we’d play truth or dare on the first night after dinner and it involved taking shots. There were 5 of us, but I’m closest to one of them. Anyway, as the night progressed, and we were playing the game, she was losing terribly at the game and had to take a lot of shots. She became drunk and started talking a lot. Would you believe she admitted to having sex with my boyfriend? She actually wanted to drunk call him but of course I snatched that phone away. I read their messages and they’ve been messing around for a while. I wanted to kill her. I love him dearly and she knows it. The others had to restrain me and in the morning her and I had a big argument over it. I have blocked her on everything and my boyfriend admitted to it and apologized. I’m still contemplating leaving him because this hurt too much.

Dear G.C.: Stop contemplating and go. He’s selfish and if he cheats on you like that, he will do it again. Go heal and find better. Also, that girl isn’t your friend so don’t associate with her again. You will be okay, just stay strong. 
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